BAZIZ scientific research journal, Volume 1, Issue 10, OCTOBER , 2018

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Some aspects of the principles of the Uzbek model of economic progress  
Akramov Ergash

Abstract—The present article states the actuality and the importance of the “Uzbek model” of development. The author analyzes the objective reality of some aspects of the principles of the "Uzbek model" of economic progress.
Index Terms—social development, the economy to market relations, "Uzbek model" of economic progress, from a stage to a stage, economic reforms.

The poetry of the universal problems of interpretation  
Yusupova Dilrabo

Abstract—The given article deals with the problems of analysing humans nature in Uzbek literature, individual peculiarities of author’s work, artistic skills. The work of A.Oripov and M.Yusup were taken as an object of theoretical and literary analyse.
Index Terms—poetry, national poems, tradition, rubai, literature, expresses, spirituality.

Umidjon Khoshimov

Abstract—The paper attempted to investigate the relationship between medical brain drain and health outcomes and to evaluate the causal impacts of the former on three health indicators (life expectancy, child mortality and prevalence of HIV). A panel dataset ofBhargova and Docquier (2010) for the period of 1991 -2004 consisting of 18 Latin American developing countries was given main focus as a primary data and OLS regression model, fixed-effects panelregression model and instrumental variable approach under two-stage least squares (2SLS) regression analysis were utilized. In order to overcome the problem ofendogeneity between medical brain drain and health outcome, “American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act” (ACWIA) was applied as an instrument for medical brain drain. The final outcome of the analysis revealed that increase in medical brain drain leads to decrease in life expectancy, increase in number of child deaths, and an acceleration of HIV prevalence among population. Therefore, future policy recommendations and further research are required to reduce the negative impacts of medical brain drain on healthcare condition.
Index Terms—medical brain drain, health outcome, instrumental variable, Latin America JEL classification: C33, F22, I18, J11, O54