BAZIZ scientific research journal, Volume 1, Issue 2, February, 2018

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Some environmental issues in different regions of the country and their status  
Usmonjon Azizov

Abstract— Consequence of human activity, the world is experiencing great environmental problems. These are: Greenhouse Foliage, Ozone Hole and Desertification. From the 50s of the 20th century, there was an increase in the quantity of Freon gases (chlorine, fluorine, and carbon) in the air. These gasses began to absorb the ozone layer at a height of 25 km. As you know, the ozone l ayer retains harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. The Ozone Layer Occurred Occurs in the Ozone Hole. From this hole, the appearance of ultraviolet radiation on the surface of the Earth has led to a sharp reduction in the yield of cereal crops, causing people to become diagnosed with skin cancer. In 1989, the Helsinki Declaration on the Conservation of the Ozone Layer, adopted by academics, experts and public figures from 81 countries, marked measures to reduce Freon gases by 2000.
Index Terms— water resources, water basins, channels, rivers, ozone hole, desertification, greenhouse foliage, geological base.

Abdukarimova Saida Abduzhalilovna, Tagirova Lyutsiya Maratovna

Abstract— Nowadays the problem of IT development and controlling equipment in the oil and gas recovery industry is very important. In the petrochemical industry automation paid much attention. This is due to the complexity and high rate of flow processes and their sensitivity to disruption of the regime, the hazards of working conditions, explosion and fire hazardous recyclable is reduced, decreasing the number of workers directly employed in the production, increases productivity.
Index Terms— IT development, petrochemical industry , working conditions, hazardous, productivity .

Intercultural Competence in the light of Language Learning  
Bazarbaeva Shaxzada. Omanov Po’lat

Abstract— the goal of assessing intercultural competence is to find out if a person has this ability or the potential for it. Intercult ural communication courses do provide opportunities to learn about many cultures, develop an understanding of one’s own culture, gain knowledge of important communicative principles, which apply to intercultural contexts, and, occasion-ally, get out of the class and interact one-on-one with people from different ethnicities and backgrounds.
Index Terms— Competence, cultural, comprehension, communication, ability, technology, intercultural.

Bazarbaeva Shaxzada, Omanov Po’lat

Abstract— Deductive learning advantages: the deductive learning method allows students to see a step by step example of how to approach a situation based on the information from the lesson.
Index Terms—inductive, deductive, process, methods, teaching, effect, technology, memorize.