BAZIZ scientific research journal, Volume 1, Issue 1, January, 2018

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Traditions in Residential Architecture  
Akhmedov Muhammad Kasimovich

Abstract— Recently, towns and villages of our republic have been changing unrecognizably. Particularly, great success has been achieved in housing architecture. Only in 2009-2016, 69557 comfortable houses were built in 1308 tourist destinations in rural areas and improved living conditions of more than 83.5 thousand families. In 2017, it is planned to build 15,000 cheap and modern homes based on standard designs. The State Program for the Improvement of the System of State and Public Management in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021 aims to build 945 multi-storey houses in urban areas. All of this puts a task to scientists, architects and designers to deeply analyze the centuries-old traditions of housing and to show their progress.
Index Terms— residential, traditional, multy-storey, chordara, dolon, hawthorn-shaped, tobistoni, zimistoni, urban areas, housing, Timurids, ancient cities, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Registan, Labi Hovuz, Shahi Zinda, Dorus-Saodat, Khazrat Imam, mausoleums.

Estimation of Seismic Stability of Architectural Monuments of Khorezm  
Durdieva Gavkhar Salaevna

Abstract— This article touches upon the issue of seismic stability of historical-architectural monuments. Full-scale monitoring and researches of architectural monuments of Khorezm have shown that the ancient masters-architects were acquainted with quite various destructive effects of earthquakes.
Of course, the broad sections of architects, engineer – builders and restorers are interested in their original methods and designs of seismic protection. To identify the technical state of constructions of the madrassahs and minarets, located in Ichan-Kala of Khiva, engineering survey was carried out on its load-bearing structures. Rather, based on the achievements of modern construction science, the constructive decision of above mentioned object is entrusted to engineering analysis. From the point of view of seismic stability of buildings, an attempt was made to extract something common from such difficult situations of ancient times and building regulations that have been emerged in the present.
Index Terms— Estimation, seismic, seismologic, stability, architectural monuments, Khorezm.

The Formation of Mahalla Centers in Tashkent  
Bakhtiyor Inogamov

Abstract— the major part of the residential buildings in the cities of dealers and artisans' homes were low-rise construction in the courtyard, surrounded by high walls on the street side. Houses one another and with specific groups, the names of these groups called "Community" is called. For example, the beginning of the twentieth century, 280 mahallas in the city of Tashkent. Every mosque in the center of a mahalla of landscaped public canteen and population wedding fodder mourning sermons public property, sometimes, for a mahalla center, where the mosque craftsmanship shops, a cafe, a teahouse, grocery shops and the market. The majority population of mahallas is living there called it a craft.
Index Terms— Mahalla-community rules residing in the total population of the city and part of the traditions associated with small territorial cohesion. Guzar - more of a regional center for the mahalla (neighborhood community). Dhaka - the beginning of the 20th century, the administrative-territorial unit. Mauze - usually outside of the wall of the city of Tashkent cultivation lands.

Intention of Uzbek people to use E-learning: An Investigation and Implication Proposals to Promote Lifelong Education in Uzbekistan  
Nilufar Oripova

Abstract— Online education has the greatest potential of promoting high learning performance, providing flexible, accessible and quality education which are some of the main objectives of lifelong learning. Current article is an attempt to investigate the intention of Uzbek people to take part in online courses with both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. We also mention the advantages, as well as the barriers of using online education services mentioned by its potential users. At the end, we discuss the possible implications of the results and introduce the solutions offered by MAGEEK Educational Technologies Project to support lifelong education through ICTbased services in Uzbekistan.
Index Terms— Attitude Towards the Behavior, Educational Technology, E-learning, Intention to Use, Lifelong Education, Online Education, Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB)

Ways to Improve the Valuation of Residential Buildings with an Expensive Approach  
Malika Rasulova

Abstract— Nowadays the necessary regulatory and legal framework has been created, related to evaluation activities. Thus, the valuation of real estate is carried out at the basis of the national property valuation standard (NSOI No. 10) "Valuation of property." According to the current regulatory documentation, the difference in value determined by different approaches should not exceed 30% of their value. Our scientific work is aimed at developing correction factors that take into account the above-mentioned improvements in the calculation of multistorey apartment buildings. From my perspective, the cost approach adequately describes the situation that has developed in the real estate market now.
Index Terms— cost approach, income approach, shortcomings, calculation, multi-storey residential buildings, individual apartments, location of the seat, absence of infrastructure, comparative (market) approach.

Several Water Infrastructures at the Great Silk Road  
A.O.Khasanov TACI

Abstract— This article is dedicated to the principles of the formation of complexes service along the Great Silk Road, the principles of architectural and typological solutions of artificial reservoirs and their importance in the system of service.
Index Terms— the Great Silk Road, sardoba, caravansarai, rabot, hazora, yomkhana, well, pool, koriz, qulfak

Children yards’ Interior  
Kadirova Surayyo Adilovna

Abstract— The purpose of modern equipments and interiors is to teach the students the basics of design, design and interior design of residential, public and industrial buildings, to show them interiors social reality, and to explain the meaning and methods of practical social studies conducted in this field. The course focuses on the development of the basics of architectural planning solutions of interior designs of the social program of modern housing, architectural design of public and industrial buildings, and the future activity of future architects on the creation of modern regional residential buildings in the specific conditions of Central Asia, included.
Index Terms— interior, yard, kitchen, garden, architectural planning, design, modern approach, regional residential buildings, Central Asia.

Amir Timur’s Buildings 
Nafisa Mirzakhashimova

Abstract— Amir Timur, the symbol of unmatched kindness, courage and wisdom, has established a great empire and has given a practical and theoretical heritage of statehood, and has opened the way to science, culture, creativity, religion and spirituality. During this period architectural-artistic constructions were created by the unique works of Central Asian architectural art. These buildings are distinguished by its splendor, luxury, decorative nature, and the richness of the mosaic ornaments.
Index Terms— Amir Timur, Central Asia, architectural-artistic constructions, heritage, ornaments, design, art, buildings, decoration, mosaic, symbol, gumbaz, statehood.