BAZIZ scientific research journal, Volume 1, Issue 8, AUGUST , 2018

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Solar Power Application in Residential Installations  
Ruzmetov Matkarim

Abstract—in this paper, a review is made on the solar energy modeling techniques that are classified based on the nature of the modeling technique. We attempt to study of recent trend on location and types of solar energy system.
Index Terms—photovoltaic panels, cladding devices, glazing devices, aesthetic opportunities, daylighting, skylights, roof, glass, solar system, window surfaces.

The construction of garages and parking lots is one of the most important areas of state policy to improve the appearance of cities of Uzbekistan  
Emil Mazinov

Abstract—Tashkent is the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan. Every year his image is transformed, there is an intensive implementation of urban planning and housing state programs. At the site of narrow streets, wide roads and overpasses appear, and instead of dilapidated and accidental buildings, modern administrative buildings and beautiful multi-storey residential buildings are sprung up. In the past, the residents of Tashkent met with the great enthusiasm for the birth of ensembles of residential urban buildings, new microdistricts and expressed their admiration and satisfaction with the beauty, landscaping, and the surrounding landscape. The absolute absence in the microdistricts of random volumes, metal private garages, faceless elements of the landscaping, and at the same time the diversity of greenery, flower gardens and lawns, gave the urban development brightness. Colorful, “clean” design decisions and a sense of celebration. This was the work of architects, city authorities, landscape designers, that is, in creating the individuality of each neighborhood and its harmony with the environment.
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How to keep young learners motivated and engaged in language learning  
Nargiza Khushbokova