BAZIZ scientific research journal, Volume 1, Issue 9, SEPTEMBER, 2018

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The formation of legal consciousness is an essential requirement of the present time  
Begatov Jasurbek

Abstract—In this article, we study the basic concept of the law and the component parts of its mechanism. Moreover, in this article it’s studied he main stages of the perception of the law among the population and has given recommendation for further development to improve the legal literacy of the population.
Index Terms—legal culture, legal consciousness, legal ethic, law, normative documents, lawlessness, legal literacy.

Socio-economic development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for years of independence  
Sherzod Salimov

Abstract—The paper scrutinizes the conceptual descriptions and evaluation of sustainable development of Uzbekistan with the status quo of economic analyses and its sectoral overview as whole. As the objectives, descriptions of the concept of sustainable development are analyzed and classified through current theoretical views. Furthermore, analysis the systematic view of the dimensions of sustainable development is provided while methods of systematic scientific literature analysis, general and logical analysis, comparison and generalization were used for the research. Investigation concludes with sustainability issues with analyzes and solution on the system levels where they develop and manifest themselves, one can consistently formulate respective aims of the sustainable development policy for separate dimensions (economic, ecological, social, and institutional) of sustainable development on each of these levels of economic development policy, thus obtaining the complex of the aims of sustainability policy.
Index Terms—Sustainability, Economy of Uzbekistan, Infrastructure, Central Asia, Economic competitiveness

Some aspects of the spiritual formation of the sustainable society  
Оrifjon Khabibullayev, Sherzod Salimov

Abstract—Spirituality protects both the freedom of the individual, freedom, and the independence of the nation. The study of social evolution, the logic of social processes creates the opportunity to identify changes in the system of historical, spiritual, cultural and moral values-accordingly-the dynamics of the development of the society in situations of risks, challenges and threats. To date, humankind has accumulated so many weapons and ammunition that it is enough to destroy the globe several times. However, the greatest danger today is the ongoing ideological struggle for the souls and consciousness of people, especially the younger generation. Today, the decisive role is played not by battles at nuclear test sites, but by fighting on the ideological front. Never forget this bitter truth. The formation of ideological immunity is determined by the degree of its conformity with the nature of the people, the way of life and thinking, and most importantly-how it reflects the national interests and aspirations of society. Only such an ideology will stand the test of time and life, people will believe it and accept it as a belief.
Index Terms—threatening society, spiritual development, spiritual basis, globalization, ideological threat, degradation, stable development, export of democracy

Inheritance from our ancestors Calligraphy – the meaning of life  
Zargarova Nafisa

Abstract—After gaining independence, along with many other areas, the calligraphy works have also been instrumental in the creation of creativity, particularly focusing on the further development of applied arts. In particular, one of the values of the Uzbek people in the bookstore and architecture, the applied art of calligraphy, was also used by the scrupulous writers under the leadership of our compatriots to revive and to build buildings and structures.
Index Terms—Khorezm Mamun Academy, khattab, bookstore, UrSU, nakkosh, liability, contest, calligraphy