The contest of “The best interior concept”


The contest of the fourth year students of the Faculty of Architecture of Tashkent Architecture and civil engineering Institute (1-15, 3-15, and 7-15) was organized by the subject of "Interior".

Professors and teachers of the Department of Architectural Design announced the contest "The best Interior Concept". This competition was held among the 4th year students studying in the subject "Interior", in the particular between 1-15, 3-15 and 7-15 groups’ students.

The aim of the contest is to motivate students to develop their ambitiousness for science and education, as well as to train specialists. At the same time, the winner students are offered to take part in the international competitions by the institute.

The doctor of architectural sciences, professor Akhmedov M.K, the doctor of architectural sciences, professor Khidoyatov T.A., the candidate of architectural sciences, associate professor Inogamov B.I., the candidate of architectural sciences, associate professor Abdujabborova M.Т., professor Mahmudov V.M., PhD Hasanov A.O., senior -teacher Mazinov E.B. are refereed.

The winners of the contest were awarded by three places.

The awarding ceremony was held on December 27, 2018, at Faculty of Architecture, in TACI.

The following students are awarded certificates for their active participation: Mirsobirov M., Iskandarov J., Murodov B., Zufarov O., Ashimov J., Nurmatov M., Omonov O., Bakhtiyorbekov T., Eshonxujayev S., Sabirova B., Abduganiev U., Kholiyarova M., Mukhitov F., Murodov A, Umarov A., Soliev J., Bolabekov M., Mirzakulov A., Turgunov M. and Khakimova F.

In the competition The best interior concept" the 1st place Turgunov Mamurjon, the second place Umarov Asrorkhon and the third place was awarded to the interiors project of Murodov Azizkhon.

The competition was organized in collaboration with the BAZIZ International Scientific Journal.


“The best interior concept”  Contest

The 1st place winner Turgunov Mamurjon

The 2nd  place winner Umarov Asrorkhon


The 3rd place winner Murodov Azizkhon


The participant of the contest Eshonkhujayev Sardor

“The best interior concept” contest awarding ceremony

“The best interior concept” contest diploma and cerificates

“The best interior concept” contest participation certificates